Life Insurance

With a Life insurance policy from the Pearl Insurance Agency, your customers will have the backup they need to help protect their loved ones' financial futures, even if something were to happen to the insured. With a Life Insurance policy from the Pearl Insurance Agency, your customer can help make sure mortgages get paid, retirements are supported, lifestyles stay intact and the next chapter of their loved ones' lives starts on steady footing. We work with many different carriers to find you the best available rates and policies to fit your needs.

Top 4 Reasons to get life insurance

You are a breadwinner

IF you are the provider for your family you need life insurance. This is to ensure that that your surviving family members will be taken care of financially in the event of your death or permanent disability

You have a home mortgage

Nothing can be more tragic than your loved ones having to move out of the comfort of their home during the time of their bereavement. Term life insurance specifically can protect you for this very reason. 

You are a stay at home spouse 

If your spouse stays at home and takes care of the children and house, you want to have protection for the rising costs of childcare and other things

You have unpaid loans and debts

Debts and loans can be passed on to the people you left behind and aren’t always written off. It’s important to have coverage to protect your surviving family members against this 

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Ryan and Martina Kelly
Pearl Insurance does not just provide great rates and coverage, they provide a piece of mind so we can enjoy the important things in life!

Ryan and Martina Kelly

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